New customer portal – A winner for the environment and efficiency


It can be difficult to provide a good digital solution to customers, especially when ambitious environmental goals and enormous amounts of data are involved. But it is possible. With user understanding, design for behavior change, agile prototyping, and a smart strategy, Renova has built, with help from inUse, a customer portal for the present day and the future.

Renova had tried to create a digital customer portal before, but could never quite make it happen. In fact, they had tried repeatedly. But this time they had to succeed, not least for the sake of the environment — improving the environment through better waste disposal was the main goal.

They took a new approach. This time they called on inUse to assist them.

“We wanted to set the bar in western Sweden, in all of Sweden ideally, on how to work together with customers via a portal. We didn’t want to have something that was good enough — we wanted to be best”, says Mikael Borgman, Head of IT and Projects at Renova.

Renova Miljö transports and processes waste for their customers. They work primarily with companies in the areas of property, construction, industry and trade. And there are lots of different types of materials involved — what can be reused, recycled, processed; what must be stored properly. The better customers sort their waste, the smoother the transportation process goes, and the better it is for the environment. So it’s important to support customers in their environmental efforts.

“Property owners and housing cooperatives can in turn provide better service. Maybe they need more containers for, say, cardboard paper, or perhaps they want to provide training for tenants so that they sort their waste properly and learn more about environmental matters”, says Mikael Borgman.

So the environment can benefit from a portal where customers can get help with all that, and there were other reasons for the customer portal, too.

“We were working on streamlining internal processes. That was an important factor”, says Mikael Borgman. “Reduce the workload for our customer support and sales force, so that they can instead focus on value-creating activities together with the customers, which makes the process better for everyone.”

Before customers had to call to say, for example, when a container was full and ask when it’d be picked up. Now they can log into the customer portal and look this up, place orders, and get help with whatever else they may need.