Digital teaching aids that create more opportunities for learning


Studentlitteratur’s new digital teaching aids were launched in 2014. The purpose is to increase the desire to learn and to make the everyday lives of teachers easier by creating really good digital products and making them available on several different platforms.

This is a first initiative as part of the strategies for the teaching aids of the future, which we have drawn up together. We at inUse have had the benefit of being involved all the way from impact mapping and target group analysis to conceptual work, interaction design and graphic design.

The challenge in the beginning was to produce a digital product that has a clear link to the curriculum and teachers’ actual everyday lives, and that at the same time pushes back the boundaries of what a teaching aid might be.

Right now the final adjustments are being made before we can start to monitor whether the new products are actually contributing to increasing the desire to learn as intended.

A partnership that started with a number of usage tests has now developed into an extremely fruitful exchange, in an area where there will continue to be plenty of exciting new opportunities.

If you want to test the solutions, you can order sample copies from Studentlitteratur.