How falling in love is translated into product interest

Ola Nilsson

As part of the FBTB experience, we offer Design Lunches all the way 'til the conference in May 2021. The next one will be with Karin Eklund, Product Manager Software for the software in Autonomous autopilots at Toyota Material Handling Logistic Solutions.
– One of the things this talk will teach you is how the mechanism of falling in love can be translated into creating an interest in your product.

On our Design Lunch on the 13th of October, Karin Eklund from Toyota will share her thoughts in the talk: How experiences from your love life can be used to create great customer experiences.

One of the things this talk will teach you is how the mechanism of falling in love can be translated into creating an interest in your product.

Tell us about your upcoming talk, Karin!

– I will talk about the fact that we humans are made to create relationships. Solitude is not something we are good at. In the same way, as we create relationships with other humans, we also create a bond and relationship with things. Everyone working with branding is familiar with this phenomenon. Therefore you can look at the theories we have about how we build relationships between humans and use it to create good experiences for a product or service.

– The interactivity of software products creates even more similarities with human relationships since you interact with the product and must put some effort into the relationship from the beginning.

– One of the things this talk will teach you is how the mechanism of falling in love can be translated into creating an interest in your product. Another how a long-lasting marriage can give you ideas on how to keep users and customers to your product/service in the long run.

Why is it perfect for the FBTB community?

– Because it will give a new perspective that is not so much discussed before. I also think everyone has relationships that are important for them, and putting that knowledge and perspective into the job of creating excellent experiences will help you become a better designer and strategist.  

One big part of the FBTB Design Lunches are the discussion groups after the talks – what will be the main things that people will buzz about after your talk, you think?

– I think it will be a buzz about how to use this knowledge in different phases in the lifecycle of the service or product to create loyalty. A known truth when it comes to sales is that is much harder to get new customers than to build on an existing customer base. There will probably also be some memories from the participants' love life, that will pop-up in the discussions.    

Why are you into FBTB, you almost always visit the conference – what does it mean to you and your organization?

– I have been working with user experience for more than 20 years and seen the development of the area. FBTB has been there pushing the area forward and inspiring the designers for almost as long.

– I actually attended the two first FBTB conferences in Malmö in the early 2000 century so it feels like FBTB and I have been maturing side by side. Now I am a Product Manager Software and do not work hands-on with design any longer, but I am sure that the user-centered perspective that I have makes me much better in the role as Product Manager and helps me prioritize.

Service Design, User Experience, Business Design – what are your observations in theses Corona times – are the fields evolving, pushed aside, or what is happening?

– I think that the area is more important than ever. The ones who understand the end-user best will be the winners in the recession. But, with the said, my experience is that few companies have the courage to be long-sighted in a recession. There is a lot of pressure and stress, and that actually impacts the quality of our decision making. So in many companies, I think that it will be a hard time to get through with the priorities needed from an experience view.

To be invited to the Design Lunches, you'll need an FBTB ticket, get it here!

The host of this talk is Karin Eklund has more than 20 years of experience in the User Experience area working with companies like Volvo Cars, Semcon, Scania, Essity, Ericsson, and Ascom. She has been building up UX teams with governance models and processes several times during her career. She is now Product Manager Software for the software in Autonomous autopilots (forklifts) at Toyota Material Handling Logistic Solutions in Gothenburg.

The schedule for all the Design Lunches is to be found here!

Warm-up, learn up – Design Lunches with FBTB

Sara Doltz

This fall, you will have a great opportunity to learn, discuss, and develop your design skills. As part of the FBTB 2021 pre-event, we have launched our Design Lunches. Meet-ups with lots of different speakers and takes on design.

The conference line-up is all set, and we'll have a blast with you and all the speakers in May 2021. But until then we have created a pre-event, the FBTB Design Lunches.

What are these Design Lunches, then? The lunches are a unique opportunity for you to get together with other designers and discuss your work.

All of the Design Lunches will be held digitally and are free for all FBTB 2021 ticket holders. (Pssst, if you don't have a ticket – now's the time to buy one.) 

We'll start each lunch together and later divide into smaller groups where you can discuss and exchange ideas in a nice forum. If you're still working from home this will be your perfect lunch-learning experience. 

There will be talks and discussions on:

  • Design by magic
  • Human-centered AI
  • Visual design
  • Ethical design
  • How to build strong design teams

You can read more about all of the scheduled Design Lunches on our website.

Next up is:

  • The FBTB archives: ”Jared Spool, Beyond the UX tipping point ”on September 29.
  • ”How experiences from your love life can be used to create great customer experiences”, with Karin Eklund on October 13.

We’ll continue all the way until May 2021. If you have bought a ticket to FBTB 2021 you should have received an invitation with all of the offered lunches. If you haven’t bought your tickets and don't want to miss out on all the fun – now’s the time to get one.

New program chairs at FBTB

Sara Doltz

Designers Sara Yxhage and Jessica Bjermer are our new program chairs at FBTB.

Sara Yxhage and Jessica Bjermer are both designers at inUse. They are eager, humbled, and overjoyed to take on the role as program chairs for the conference.

”We will approach it like any design challenge: by identifying the user and their needs! Research 1-0-1. And then we have more than 100 competent colleagues that can help us find the best speakers in the world” says Sara Yxhage, Service Designer at inUse. 

Inspiration and hands-on advice

As designer’s, Sara Yxhage and Jessica Bjermer have their own experience as attendees at the conference. They are both in agreement on what is best about FBTB and the foundation upon which they want to continue building.

”I have always loved the combination of the hands-on advice and the inspiration. It’s an amazing platform where the whole design community can come together, listen to the best speakers from around the world, do workshops and network with other designers and even our speakers. Every year you go home with your inspiration meter on max, full of impressions and meaningful talks on your mind”, says Jessica Bjermer, UX designer at inUse.

”It’s the place to be if you’re a designer and if you’re looking for inspiration. I often use the archive videos when I’m facing a new challenge in my day-to-day work. I’m very proud that inUse is the organizer of the conference. We do this for ourselves, but also to empower the whole design community … We love to learn and believe in radical generosity, where we pass knowledge on, it’s in the inUse DNA” says Sara Yxhage.

A dream team

Sara Yxhage and Jessica Bjermer will take over the roll as program chairs after Johan Berndtsson. He is one of the founders and has been working with the conference since it started in 2007, he will now stay on as a member of the program committee.

”Sara and Jessica, a dream team! Smart, generous and full of energy. They truly embody the values upon which we built inUse, and that of course have influenced the conference over the years. I’m so happy that they are taking over the helm, and I look forward to seeing what they make of it!”

What is the most rewarding thing about being program chair for the conference?
”From Business to Buttons has always been a labour of love. Working with a tight, super efficient, team of excellent people, to provide a really great experience for the Scandinavian design community is the greatest reward all in itself.”

”Some of my very best memories are from FBTB... The dreams about what this could become when we started planning the first conference almost 15 years ago. The feeling when I entered a packed China Theatre at the reboot in Stockholm 2014. The sound of hundreds starstruck guests as Woz entered through the crowd a year later. Meeting all the wonderful speakers, from Don Norman and Patricia Moore to Al Gore… And of course – the excited buzz in the breaks during, and the cheers at the closing of each event. Pure love.”

So what about FBTB2021 and beyond, what are your thoughts? 

”We want to continue to inspire and empower designers! We see that many designers today experience the same challenges, wanting to shift the general misperception of our role as only pixel pushers to user-centric design strategists. Our conference should be a platform for getting the tools and confidence to break through that famous glass ceiling in order to create true important impact throughout their organisation”, says Jessica Bjermer.

”In a way, we both think it's about giving our community the courage to take action in their home court. You can’t mend bad design with a bandaid. If you truly want to help as a designer, you’ll have to address and understand the business model and ways of working. That's how designers can lead the way, and even change the world” says Sara Yxhage. 

Warm up, Learn up, here's the autumn with FBTB!

Sara Doltz

We have one year until FBTB 2021 and we’ve decided to make the most of it. For those already in possession of a ticket, this will be a great autumn with plenty of opportunities to discuss, learn, and develop your design skills. And if you haven’t bought your tickets – now’s the time to get one.

This May we sent all of the ticket holders to FBTB  a survey. You gave us some great answers on how to enrich your conference experience leading up to May next year. Here’s a small summary of your answers:

  • You want to increase your knowledge within design. 
  • You want to get more tools and ideas to help your organizations. 
  • You want to extend and deepen your networks. 
  • And you are all interested in doing it in an interactive and digital way. 

The FBTB task force has since then worked intensively with the material. And now we're ready to show you a glimpse of the FBTB 2021 pre-event! An exclusive offer for all of you who already bought your ticket. We have tons in store for you and we are eager to get started after the summer vacation. For example:

Design Lunches

Every other week we'll host design lunches where we for example will watch some of the most legendary talks from FBTB, or a talk of our selection. You will be able to discuss it during and afterward in a perfect forum. If you're still working from home this will be your perfect lunch-learning experience. 

Case Study

Once a month we’ll invite you to a case study masterclass. Do you have a design or situation you'd like feedback or input on from this amazing group of people? This is your chance to harness the brilliant minds of our 600 designers and business professionals.

Digital hello:s

We’ll set up a hub for you to connect in advance. To say your digital ‘Howdy’, exchange ideas and mingle digitally.

FBTB2021 will be worth the wait. It’s a great place to meet, develop, and learn. We’ll start all of the activities in September 2020 and continue until May 2021. We’ll keep you posted: All the information and invitations will be sent to you and you’ll have plenty of time to sign up.

Pst. If you haven’t bought your tickets – now’s the time to get one. :)

Swedbank: Designing for trust and sustainability

Ola Nilsson

Swedbank is one of the From Business to Buttons partners 2021. As "the bank of the people," they have tons of exciting design challenges. We talked to them about two areas in their focus. Sustainability and trust.

Sustainability is on everybody's mind for obvious reasons. As for Swedbank, of course. As designers, how do they work with these topics?

– We want to design for people so they can make good choices according to their individual financial situation, says Linn Morén, Head of UX at Swedbank.

– We want to see people make sustainable choices, we absolutely don't want to force people to buy services or assets that aren't suited for exactly them. We want to nudge people to make choices in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Swedbank was actually one of the first major banks who signed these UN Goals. 

– That's something to be proud of. And we have to keep on working, it has to be clear what services, products, and values we are selling.

Linn Morén, Head of UX at Swedbank.

– There are so many labels and symbols within sustainability, it can be hard for the customer to find what's right, and right for them. That's something we are working on right now.

For 200 years

Swedbank has been around for 200 years, and they have always been locally established, from the savings movement, "Sparbanksrörelsen." With that comes the aim of spreading knowledge and know-how in economics and the inclusion of everybody. You should be someone to trust.

Speaking of that. Trust is a buzzword these days, but very important, though. In particularly for Swedbank after last year. Money laundering scandal, chief executive leave, open criticism – widely and worldwide, there were big black headlines.

– Last year was undoubtedly hard, it was, says Linn Morén.

– With our humanistic brand, there is and even bigger down-fall. So, trust is absolutely one of our most important topics. We have to show that we are a bank to trust.

Every crisis makes you stronger, as they say. It's also true to designers, not least.

– It's about getting control systems in place that are easier to monitor and manage. To work with a holistic approach. 

– To stop money laundering, we have to know the customers, where their money comes from, and how we can expect them to use them. And that's often very private matters. It's something that's not is intuitively experienced as positive to reveal. 

– So this has to be made by a cautious design, intentionally and thoughtfully.

UX writers and customer journey

Swedbank has a variety of design competences inhouse, also including UX writers, and has worked a lot with the customer journey.

– We have to ask questions to our customers, but we have to do it clearly and understandably. No bureaucratic language, instead, the intention should be extra clear. 

– The customer should be able to feel that we are asking to prevent money laundering. They should be able to feel that they contribute to a sound money environment. That they are helping to stop serious criminal activity.

And, if the process is efficient and transparent, the customers can rapidly continue their doings, what they intended when they logged on to the bank in the first place.

In all this work user experience, customer experience, and service design are essential to Swedbank, they have the tools that are so important in the design every-day job. And they are always trying to get even better.

Now with the COVID-19 situation, Swedbank has decided to extend its partnership to the FBTB conference in 2021.  

– it was an obvious choice to support this important design event for next year instead. 

And they are also, of course, looking forward to attending the event.

– The conference has become even better over the years. It has become the perfect spot where to understand that the design concept is continuously widening. Ethics, Business Design, design affects more than just designers, down the road, it's even about democracy.

All about FBTB2021 here!